Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Design and Best Practice Guidelines for cluster housing schemes in rural villages

Categories: Housing Rural Village Architecture

These new housing guidelines by Tipperary County Council featuring projects by Cox Power Architects provide a best practice toolkit for developers, landowners and consultants to design and develop low density housing and serviced sites in rural settlements.

Irish Towns and Rural villages have for generations been at the heart of rural communities as places for people to live, to work and to come together as a community. However, for many years our villages have faced a decline in population and loss of services. Ensuring the future viability of our rural settlements is one of the most important challenges for national and local policy makers, stakeholders and communities. Tipperary County Council in response to this challenge, and to deliver the National Planning Framework, commissioned these guidelines to encourage, promote and facilitate residential development that meets the needs of rural communities by regenerating villages across the county.
These ‘Design and Best Practice Guidelines for Cluster Housing Schemes in Rural Villages’ present design options for low density housing and serviced site schemes to facilitate those who wish to build and design their own homes in existing rural communities. Tipperary County Council’s ambition is that these Guidelines will lead to the development of sustainable homes for those wishing to live in rural Tipperary and will strengthen the countys villages for generations to come.

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